About Jennifer

Meet Jennifer Scott: Elegance, Playfulness and Talent Personified.” – The Examiner

Captivating piano/vocal debut in four languages with plenty of classical influence.” KBUT Radio, Crested Butte, CO

A free spirit that has maintained a strict discipline to the arts that when combined is perfetto personified.” – Top 40 Charts

“Jennifer Scott is an internationally recognized vocalist and pianist who delivers her music in French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English languages. The versatile, elegant world artist possesses the rare innate ability to connect France to Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Italy through an interwoven tapestry of multiple languages, rhythms and musical styles. This is not to be outdone by her fresh persona that lends itself to the overall performance. A free spirit that has maintained a strict discipline to the arts that when combined is perfetto personified. There is little wonder why Ms. Scott is held with such acclaim and esteem across both hemispheres, most notably France.”    – Kurrent Music.

“Jennifer Scott is breaking new ground with her “Le temps de l’amour” release. CMJ, one of the jazz industry’s most trusted names in chart reporting, shares that the Washington DC based artist debuts at number 37.  Jennifer’s marvelous entry into the world of jazz leaves very little doubt that the international pianist and vocalist is poised to reach new heights.”  Read from article by  – Top 40 Charts.

“Her performances include such addresses as the French Ambassador’s Residence, the Embassy of France in Washington DC, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Hall of the Americas of the Organization of American States, Malmaison and the Ritz-Carlton. Then again the rather playful side of this fascinating talent has found her performing on stage at Bushwick’s Public House and Freddy’s Back Bar, both in Brooklyn New York.”  – The Examiner

In 2017, Jennifer premiered her original songs with her world fusion ensemble at The INTERSECTIONS Festival at The Atlas Performing Arts Center in March.   Her project, “Dans le bleu” (In Another Reality), explored the nature of truth, perceptions of reality and emotional charge set to world rhythms and vocals in English and French.

Jennifer is currently writing music for her nouveau alternative group – Bergamot Rose.  The group’s sound palette includes notes reminiscent of The Cranberries, The Smiths and The Cure.   Stay tuned for the release of Bergamot Rose’s debut album “Songs of Truth” in 2018.

Outside of songwriting and world jazz, classical piano remains close to Jennifer’s heart.  She particularly loves to perform works by Debussy, Mozart, Ravel, Satie, Saint-Saëns and Beethoven.